Healing Pet Loss: From grief to gratitude with Marianne Soucy

As animal lovers we consider our pet part of our family, and the bond we develop with them can be very strong. Our pets bring much joy and unconditional love into our lives and grieving the loss of an animal friend can be just as painful as grieving the loss of a human friend or relative. Often, the depth of our grief is not truly understood by those around us.

After losing a beloved animal companion, the emptiness in your home, in your life, and in your heart is unbearable. You may feel that your pet is lost to you forever. However, your pet’s soul or spirit is still very much alive! Trust in your intuition and you will know this to be so. You may wish to connect again with your animal friend that has passed, but have a doubting voice in your head. Do not dismiss this real possibility! Let go of the doubting voice and instead go into your heart. Feel that vast space where you keep the love you shared with your pet. You may feel as if your heart is broken now, but if you look more closely you will see that behind the pain, the love you shared is still there – as strong as it has ever been. Move into that love and connect with your pet in this, your loving heart space. Listen as they connect with you in love and say:

“I am still here, in the peace of your heart, watching you and blessing you from beyond. Just as our love never dies, so does our connection not end because I’m not with you in my physical form. I send you blessings and greetings through every little bird that sings its song, through every ray of sunshine that kisses your cheek, and the gentle breeze that catches your hair on a beautiful day in spring.”

I have been on the journey of grief you are on now, for I too have lost animals that were close to my heart. I am here to let you know that you don’t have to go through your grief alone. Let me gently guide you through your time of grief after the loss of your beloved pet.

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I invite you to take advantage of the opportunities I have gathered for you on this page. If you have an animal friend who is dying, if you are struggling with guilt after the loss of your pet, or if you wish to connect with your animal companion in the afterlife. Help is at hand! Just click one of the images or links above and begin your healing journey.

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In this article – which is an excerpt from my book “Healing Pet Loss – Practical Steps for Coping & Comforting Messages from Animals and Spirit Guides” – I share a sacred spirit meeting with my beloved cat, Kia, after she had passed.

An angel dog’s message of joy and light
A message from a dog in the afterlife to her grieving human companion. May the angel dog’s beautiful message will bring you comfort too.


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Let me say that it has been a blessing and gift to have found you. I received your book, I have been spreading the word about you, and the healing help I have received from you and your sites has been phenomenal. I thank you so very much.. you have no idea how you touch and heal people. I lost my beloved soul dog last month and a few weeks after that, got the news that my cat has oral cancer, no treatment options. I have really needed you lately, and I am forever grateful that you are there. ~ Maggie B.


A return to magic after pet loss – An adventure with Rags, an angel catWhen my cat Rags died last year I searched in vain for books on pet loss until I found Marianne’s book online and read it on my Kindle. I found it to be a huge help in accepting that Rags’ physical body had gone but his beautiful spirit hadn’t. When Marianne made a connection with him in the afterlife I realised I didn’t need to feel guilt about his illness, and that the love we had lives on. Rags’ message was inspiring and healing. I love to think he’s out there somewhere having fun. He was a real character of a cat and that came through in the message. ~ Sue M.

Marianne Soucy Healing Pet Loss
Marianne Soucy is the author of “Healing Pet Loss: Practical Steps for Coping and Comforting Messages from Animals and Spirit Guides” and the host of the Healing Pet Loss Podcast. She is also the creator of several guided meditations. Marianne has experienced pet loss several times herself, and her experience, combined with wisdom and insights from her long-term spiritual practices and ongoing research, has enabled her to develop highly effective practical techniques for moving from grief to gratitude after the loss of a beloved animal companion. Marianne is also the founder of Give Your Dream Wings Coaching.

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