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Words from a heart that is healing:

Marianne, Thank you for this wonderful worksheet, and all of your blogs, articles, and other downloads. They have been a tremendous help to me during this very difficult time. Every time I see your name in my inbox and receive one of your invaluable emails I get a sense of uplifting because I know help is near. It warms my heart to see such caring and sincere work, and I appreciate it. Thank you again! ~ Julie Connors

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“I want you to know your site has been a real resource and helped me when very little did. Thank you for your wonderful site and love.” ~ Janet von Pressentin

2 weeks Free Grief Support
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About Marianne

MarianneSoucyMarianne Soucy is the founder of Healing Pet Loss where she helps grieving pet owners cope with and heal after the loss of a beloved animal companion. Her unique approach combines practical steps for coping with pet loss & animal and spirit messages to bring comfort, healing, and inspiration. Marianne is the author of Special Reports, Books and Meditations.


  1. Linda Christina says

    I just read a little more on your website and the part that excited me was the sentence “Butterflies are a symbol of transformation.”
    Very shortly after Puffin died I attended a seminar. I parked my car and went inside with great sadness. When I came out there there was a very pretty yellow butterfly on the ground on the driver’s side of the door. There was NO way I could have missed that pretty butterfly. Poor thing it too, had passed on. I was astounded because I knew this was a sign from Puffin that she was alright – there was no doubt in mind at all. My baby girl communicated with me! I still have the butterfly and some of Puffin’s beautiful white fur in a mason’s jar. It brings me comfort. xo Linda