What’s keeping you in suffering after pet loss, and how to get peace once more

From Suffering to Healing and Peace after Pet Loss

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After the loss of a beloved pet, you may be stuck in guilt and self-blame; you may even worry that your pet might disapprove or condemn you. So even though your deepest heart desire is

⦁ to reconnect with your pet again
⦁ to know your pet is okay in the afterlife
⦁ and to hear once more that they love you and they are with you in spirit,

your fear prevents you from making the connection you want to make deep down.

If you listen to your heart, it tells you, your pet is close by.

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If you listen to your heart, you know your pet is just waiting for you to reach out.

And if you listen to your heart, you know that opening your heart to your pet in the afterlife won’t break your heart even more, but bring you peace by trusting the invisible connection you’ve always had, but forgot temporarily when your pet’s physical body died.

Your mind gives you countless reasons not to reach out to your pet in the afterlife, but what does you heart say?

Is your heart yearning to receive your pet’s love once more?

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You don’t need to live in fear. You don’t need to stay in pain. While it’s okay to grieve the loss of your beloved pet, your love doesn’t need to stop.

The bond between you and your pet is unbroken, for love goes beyond the physical. Recognize this and know that by trusting your heart you can reach out to your pet again.

The unconditional love that was part of your pet’s message and gift to you, is waiting for you to open up and receive it again. As you have given love, let yourself now receive love.

All you need is someone who can make the spirit connection with your pet. Are you ready to forgive yourself and receive your pet’s love again?

To have Marianne connect with your pet in the afterlife and bring back your pet’s message of love, , please follow the 2 steps below.

  1. Make your payment here (PayPal account not required). The price is $67.00 USD.clear1
  2. Send an e-mail with your pet’s name and a brief description. Include how and when they died, and if there are others in the household (human or animal) who are mourning their loss, and remember to attach a photo of your pet

Send e-mail to:

Your order will be confirmed by return e-mail with the expected delivery date which is usually within 4-5 days, but depends on how many are on the waiting list. The Sacred Spirit Journey with your pet’s message(s) will be delivered to your inbox in a .pdf file.

Thank you Marianne, What a beautiful message from my beautiful girl. She was (and is) so full of love and light and always knew who needed it- her intuition always amazed me and made me smile. ~ Tracey R.

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